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The Process


The Beginning

All great ventures have a humble beginning. Usually with an idea. And moreover with determination.


The Journey

And then an undying spirit that takes you places and makes you do things that you otherwise wouldn't and it creates opportunities and it evolves you into the best version of yourself. But stories never have a definitive ending. They just have a beginning.


And You

We love meeting people at the beginning. To build on to that idea when you fall short of a sounding board. To help you scale from where you believe you need someone to walk with. We help build your business, its process and it’s products, along with you. And while we are at it, we leverage everything in our power to keep propelling the one thing that is constant - YOU.

We invest in  

Our ABC's.

Our Philosophy

We believe that entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of progress, and we exist to help them realize their visions for a better world. In all we do, we leverage S7 community, a deeply embedded community of founders, investors, partners & advisors. We focus on building better ways for everyone in the community  to connect, share and learn from each other.

Across all of Sector 7’s ventures, we leverage each of them to propel our founders and their vision forward. Our aim is to become the epicentre of growth for every founder who walks into our doors. We ideate, develop, scale and invest in their vision.

What inspires us?

#what drives us

As inhabitants of this planet, over the years we have selfishly used resources for our own good. While we’ve made substantial progress, it has come at the cost of nature. And all this while, we haven’t given back in a proportion that we should have. We are innately driven to work along with ventures that have sustainability as their core objective.

Traditional social pressures have disbalanced equal opportunities for growth across geographies and sectors. We are believers of equality across all aspects of society for growth and fair opportunities. We are always looking for founders who are deeply invested in a cause that provides equal opportunities to one and all.

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